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> > > 1. fo:static-content is to be repeated from its start on >
> every page, and truncated if it doesn't fit.
> You state this very simply and clearly here, but it has always struck me
> curiously.  There appears to be a gaping hole in the specification that
> does not satisfy the need to have content repeat on every page that does
> *not* truncate when it does not fit.  The "extent" attribute on all
> regions that surround the page explicitly defines the size, but I've
> found it interesting that there was not an option to have an "auto"
> setting that would resize the region to fit the content.

Indeed. The most you can do is allow the static-content to overflow the
extent of the region. The Rec. also mentions certain user-agents could
provide a scrolling mechanism to deal with overflow.

> I first thought that this was a 1.0 thing and that in the next version
> it would be addressed, but this comment you made that explicitly says
> the desired behavior of static-content is to truncate when it does not
> fit and that there are no plans to address it. Do you or anyone else on
> the developer list know of a compelling reason why this is the case?

Compelling? Well, I can see possible difficulties if such functionality were
to be provided for all the regions. Consider a simple scenario where an
fo:static-content's height depends on the height of a retrieved marker, and
would influence the extent of the fo:region-before. This could in its turn
have an impact on the extent of the fo:region-body, and that could
ultimately lead to the initially retrieved marker shifting to the next page,



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