Glen Mazza wrote:

> Hi Luca,
> 1.)  Can the corresponding setting of these values on
> fo:root (642-643 of [1]) in PSLM now be removed?  (I
> think so...because what is set on fo:flow will be used
> instead of fo:root.)

I agree with you.

The method LengthBase.getBaseLength() (which is called by
PercentLength.getNumericValue(), called by NumericOp methods, called for
examply by LabelEndFunction.eval()) searches the nearest FObj ancestor,
and fo:flow will always be nearer than fo:root.

> 2.)  Also, does your change below need to be added to
> StaticContentLayoutManager as well?

I think so, even if I see that before the branch the StaticContentLM did
not have these lines (while FlowLM had them).

I did not try and look what happens setting layout dimensions in the
StaticContentLM, as at the moment I still have some things to do
concerning lists; but I could add this to my to-do list.


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