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Hi Luca,

> Working on lists, I found a couple of paragraphs in the recommendation
> whose meaning is not fully clear to me.
> Section 6.8.3. (fo:list-item) states that:
>   "the block-progression-dimension of the content-rectangle of an area
> generated by the fo:list-item is just large enough so that the
> allocation-rectangles of all its child areas are contained in it. In
> particular, the space-before and space-after of the child areas have no
> effect on the spacing of the list item."
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> If every block had space-before and space-after > 0, should all of these
> spaces be ignored or only the spaces before block 1 and 3 and spaces after
> 2 and 5?

Excuse me if it sounds bold, but I think neither... and will give you a
third alternative.

IIC, what is meant is:
the space-* of the contained blocks should be seen as _content_ of the
list-item, such that they are not ignored, but their values are _included_
in the total BPD without influencing the spacing between previous and
following list-items.

To put it differently:
If the spacing between the list-items is specified as 10pt,
and space-before of block 1 = 5pt
and space-after of block 2 = 5pt,
then the space between the content-rectangles of two list-items will always
be 10pt,
but the space between the allocation-rectangle for block 2 of one list-item
and the allocation-rectangle of block 1 on the next list-item *is* a total
of 20pt. (minimum? see the other issue below. )

I must say I'm not absolutely sure about this... Other opinions, anyone?

> Another doubt: section 7.13.8. (relative-align) states that if the value
> is 'baseline'
>   "the distance between the baseline of the first line-area of the first
> area descendant generated by the fo:list-item-label is the same as the
> distance between the baseline of the first linearea of the first area
> descendant generated by the fo:list-item-body."
> If both label and body generate several lines, and there is a page break
> that separates both label areas and body areas, should this property apply
> to the first lines in the new page too?
> I would say no, but I'm quite unsure.

Agreed 100% here. I would interpret this to mean that the largest of the two
distances wins --between two consecutive list-item-labels or -bodies. If the
body is larger, then the distance between the 'first' baselines of the
labels is the same as the distance between the 'first' baselines of the



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