Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Look in the archives:

This is becoming FAQ material.
To my great surprise, the various (x)html2fo tools are neither in
the FAQ nor in the additional ressources list.

Related questions:
- Where do I edit the FAQ's xdoc source: HEAD or maintenance branch?
- Why is the FAQ TOC gone? This makes it difficult use direct links
  to individual FAQ entries in mails. Should I open a forrest
  requirement for a TOC per section, preferably in a customizable way?
- What's the current publishing process? Wasn't there a Wiki
  page about this?
- What about moving the FAQ to the Wiki, or establishing a supplement
  FAQ in the Wiki? (same for "additional ressources")

Bonus points: Is there anybody out there willing to work on canonical
non-rude FAQ answers? (See
section "snippets")
I've already installed Thunderbird QuickText (great stuff...).


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