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Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Look in the archives:

This is becoming FAQ material.
To my great surprise, the various (x)html2fo tools are neither in
the FAQ nor in the additional ressources list.

I'll look into adding something.

Related questions:
- Where do I edit the FAQ's xdoc source: HEAD or maintenance branch?


the HEAD branch is what is used to build the site.

- Why is the FAQ TOC gone? This makes it difficult use direct links
  to individual FAQ entries in mails. Should I open a forrest
  requirement for a TOC per section, preferably in a customizable way?

Forrest has the ability to generate one... but there's some problem on the FOP site. All other pages generate one except the FAQ page. Our page has exactly the same structure as the Forrest FAQ, as does our skinconf.xml. Unfortunately, it works for them, but not us.

I asked on the forrest user list, and received an answer which unfortunately didn't help much. I'd since forgotten about it. I'll see if I can come up with a solution.

- What's the current publishing process? Wasn't there a Wiki
  page about this?
- What about moving the FAQ to the Wiki, or establishing a supplement
  FAQ in the Wiki? (same for "additional ressources")

That'd be a good idea. That would certainly make it easier for fop-committers to edit those pages. It could still live in our sidebar as well.

Bonus points: Is there anybody out there willing to work on canonical
non-rude FAQ answers? (See
section "snippets")
I've already installed Thunderbird QuickText (great stuff...).


That sounds like a great tool and suggestion...


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