Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> I've just stumbled upon these two methods in FOText:
> createBlockPointers()
> getPrevFOTextThisBlock()
> getNextFOTextThisBlock()
> getAncestorBlock()
> The latter three are never referenced. I assume these could 
> be removed?

I think these were methods that I added at one time to deal with
text-transform="capitalize", the idea being to link together the contiguous
text within a given block but within different FOs. IIRC, I had this working
in HEAD at one time. If the above methods are not being used, then that
feature has probably either been removed or implemented another way. My
implementation was an ugly static-ish hack that resulted from some design
problems, and I am sure it is no great loss if it has been removed. I
obviously have no objection to you removing those methods. Here is the
message that I wrote when I left the project that documents some of this:
so you might look for the related static variable as well.

Victor Mote

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