Jeremias Maerki wrote:

On 07.06.2005 15:01:04 richardw wrote:

I'm considering doing some work on the FOP viewer package.


If you do want to do the work on the CVS HEAD code (redesign) then we
need to talk to Renaud and get his work on the Java2D/AWT Renderer
finished, so you actually have something to work on.

I just cleaned the patch that I submitted some long time ago. It should work now. Please see my other mail to the list for details.

Richard, once this patch is applied, you might want to look at org/apache/fop/render/awt/ I would say that you can either build on top of that (what I would recommand), or make your own Renderer, like I did for PNGRenderer or TiffRenderer (you'll have to inherit from Java2DRenderer, and grab the (rendered) BufferedImage with getPageImage() ).

Finally, I can only say that I'm thrilled that someone would really like
to improve the viewer since it was always below "being cool" until now.
A nice front-end for FOP would be great!

If you need help, just yell.
Same here: just ask. I would be happy to help you getting started.


PS: My apologies for not showing up on the FOP-list for a long time. I just started a new job at Wyona (Zürich, content management system with Apache Lenya), and I'm quite busy ATM. PS2: And a huge Thank you to you all. My (tiny) experience with FOP allowed me to get in contact with the right people, and eventually find a job in an open source commited company. Just great :-) PS3: I've been following the list, and I have to say that it seems to me that FOP is moving in a real good direction. Keep up!

Renaud Richardet
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