Thanks for the helping our project Richard! FOP/XSL is a fascinating mathematical equation, and the clearer and rawer we can make that equation, the more it will attract the best computer scientists and mathematicians from around the world to help us work on determining it. Reading your credentials on your website is only further confirming this for me.

(Sorry though <red face/>, I hope someone else can help out with this patch--renderers have not been my focus for a long time...)



> I'm considering doing some work on the FOP viewer package.

The first patch has now been submitted.

The following improvements have been made:

1. Separated out the preview panels and control logic from the
buttons and dialog to make it easier to use elsewhere. There's
a new PreviewPanel class which contains the basic logic. The
PreviewDialog surrounds this with the familiar controls.

2. Added continuous scrolling and continuous facing modes
similar to those used by acrobat reader.

3. Added facility to drag scroll area with any drag on that area.

4. Add fit-width and fit-to-page zoom options.

5. Added a load of mnemonics to menus.

I still intend to:

1. Add (optional) thumbnail slider windows.

2. Add a ruler on the top and the left side of the preview frame
showing inches / centimeters.

Someone else needs to fix the non-english resource files.

Comments are welcome,


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