The theory is to specify multiple font-families which the formatter then
uses as necessary:

<fo:block font-family="Helvetica Symbol">Normal text and a symbol &#8805;
and again some text.</fo:block>

But as theory goes, this is not yet implemented in FOP. So there's no
easy method.

On 09.06.2005 06:42:20 Lalitha Prasad wrote:
> Yes , we can print the special characters using different fonts ( ie. Symbol 
> ). But i need to print original chars also.It seems very difficult to apply 
> muliple font for muliple occurences of special Characters.
> Do you have any easy method to print one paragraph with different 
> font-families?. I can apply different fonts by using XSL and XSL:FO.
>               <fo:in-line font-family="Symbol">&#8805;</fo:in-line>. i can 
> print '' in PDF.
> If you know any easy method. please let me know.

Jeremias Maerki

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