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My goal is not to create any problem within the Team, or between it and other people. Adapting FOrayFont to Fop is an issue that has already been raised by a couple of persons here. I'm willing to do this work because I feel capable of and because I think it would be a bonus for Fop. Now I'm just proposing it. It is not up to me to make any decision about doing it or not. I'm now waiting for a common Team decision.

If you decide not to do it, well, no matter, I'll find another thing to do ;-)

And please don't feel offensed by any of my words: I'm not a native english speaker and words that seem neutral to me may actually be offensive ;-/


IMO, the goal of the active FOP committers (not to mention the rest of our active contributors--which includes Victor) is to get something useful out the door before the end of the summer (i.e., FOP 1.0!). To that end, almost anything you can do to help with this feat will be welcomed.

In any case, suffice it to say that we welcome new blood in here. Just be certain you try to follow the Contributors Tech Guide[1].

If you intend to make some lasting contributions (which we hope will be the case :-D), please consider filling out the CLA[2] now, so that we can accept and apply your PATCHes upon receipt. Otherwise, we may have to wait for you to fill it out before we can accept your 1st significant PATCH... Oh, and... welcome to the club!

Contributors Tech Guide:

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