Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Ideally, a font engine that is shared between two projects should be in
a more or less neutral place write-accessible by both parties but as
we've seen now there are personal dissonances.

I think Victor said he didn't want to collaborate anymore:

The problem comes up if
Glen starts to veto against using Victor's work, of if Victor can't or
won't support our wishes anymore.

Again, I will stay out of it if another worked with his code. I don't have time for the font work, but certainly recognize it needs improvement. I'm in layout now--if I don't like the front end it doesn't matter (as much!) anymore, I am now past it.

But we've had Victor's front-end architecture for the first of my two years here and my mathematical reduction of it for the second. Improvements on layout have been much more rapid in the second year.

I do appreciate your work here, Jeremias, and don't wish to add to your stress level on this. I won't interfere with the font work.


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