Thanks...with your IQ and my vacuum cleaner (and liposuction device, for particularily hard-to-reach areas) we're gonna get layout looking really *sleek*... ^u^


Luca Furini wrote:

Glen Mazza wrote:

Are you sure here?  We had two versions of addALetterSpaceTo() --
the version in ILLM which takes a List (I didn't touch that one),
and a old (?) version from AbstractLayoutManager that takes a KnuthElement. It is that latter version that I removed--it wasn't being called anywhere--not the former.

Oops, sorry, you are completely right.

So, it seems that the new version of addALetterSpaceTo(), the one taking a List, has not replaced all the occurences of the old one: I'm going to fix this as soon as possible.


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