Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:

Do you, by chance, intend to visit ApacheCon in Stuttgart in July?

(I take this 'you' to be plural)
Me personally, I did intend to visit when I first received word, but
unfortunately I wasn't able to get the necessary time off... A shame though,
so close. :-(

I came close to going...But ultimately it would have been quite expensive and time-consuming for me to plan such a trip. There's an "Extreme XML" Conference in Canada this August that looked pretty good and would cost me much less--so I signed up for that instead as my learning-vacation for the year.

If you come to Switzerland, tell me!

Will certainly do so. I do want to travel to Switzerland very much --in my
dreams, I even have a house there :-)

with a *very, very* luxurious attic I would suspect...  ;-)


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