This is actually for fop 0.20.5 version. We are using this version for
our application and have encountered this problem. 

Kumar Puppala

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You don't say which FOP version you are referring to. Given that you
post your question to fop-dev and you mentioned to me earlier that you
want to contribute, I assume you use CVS HEAD, in which case I need to
say that multi-column layout is not fully implemented, yet. It would be
helpful if you could provide an example, so we can construct a test case
[1] for the layout engine.


On 20.06.2005 16:48:28 Puppala, Kumar (LNG-DAY) wrote:
> Are there any known issues for text-indent if it happens in the very first
> line of a column (when in dual column layout). I see all the necessary
> indent tags but the document does not take the given indentation into
> consideration if it happens to be the very first line of the column. 

Jeremias Maerki

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