I would recommend its removal, but am OK with it if you wish to keep it in.

The warning message says: "Ignoring span attribute on <whatever> as it's not a direct child of an fo:flow" But it doesn't need to be a direct child of an *fo:flow* in particular--just a flow (fo:flow or fo:static-content). The spec says 7.20.4: "This only has effect on areas returned by a flow; e.g. block-areas generated by fo:block children of an fo:flow." I think the purpose of this 7.20.4 sentence to prohibit using the "span" attribute for areas not returned by flows: such as bookmarks, page sequence titles, and the like.

Another issue is that the fo:blocks enclosing an fo:external-graphic may have been generated by XSLT, and may end up having a "span" value of "all" by default on all of them as a result (so that the graphic may look the same whether being sent to either a multi-column fo:region-body, a single-column fo:region-body, or a one-column side-region.) Here, the user would fully expects "span" to be ignored anyway for side regions.


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

I've seen such a warning in another FO implementation and thought this
woud be a nice service for our users. I didn't give the implications
much thought. Should I remove the check?

On 26.06.2005 16:13:39 Glen Mazza wrote:
BTW, Jeremias--the recent warning you added to the code on ignoring an span attribute on an fo:static-content descendant. Keep in mind, it may end up *not* being ignored for three reasons: (1) layout may someday allow fo:static-content to be redirected to the fo:region-body (where span values become relevant), although FOP currently raises an error when that occurs; (2) There are some XSL functions which allow you to reference the property value on that FO; and (3) the span attribute could be inherited by fo:instream-foreign-object that an fo:block encloses. Personally, I think this warning is not really needed (it is a given from the spec that multiple columns aren't supported in side regions), or would better be placed in layout (query the span attribute from SCLM and complain if not "1" or "all".)

Jeremias Maerki

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