Do not know exactly the person that is responsible for such issue as mine. So I decided to write to fop-dev.
Our company has been sucessfully using FOP for several years.
As our customers required extended functionality and FOP had several bugs and restrictions, 3 years ago we created our own FOP branch. Those days we were in a hurry and did not consider the issue of commitment of our modifications to Apache.

Now we have troubles with our FOP branch support because we have to constantly merge it with Apache's FOP. Having now necessary resources we'd like very much to commit our changes to Apache.

There are two main features we have implemented in the FOP:
1. the insertion of exeternal PDF documents into the rendered PDF document.
The mechanism is similar on the images insertion, we use fo:external-graphics element and put content-type property equals to "pdf"

For example,

<fo:external-graphics content-type="pdf" file="c:\test\testfile.pdf"/>
An external PDF file is inserted into rendered PDF document AS-IS, also there is a possibility to insert page range, not the whole external PDF.

For external PDF uploading we use the third-party library Etymon Pj (http://www.etymon.com/epub.html) .
It is under GNU GPL license .

2. MathML 2.0 support.
To implement MathML support, we also used the third-party library named JEuclid. But we can consider the case of MathML support implementation fully inside of FOP project, without JEuclid usage. It would be not very expensive in human/time resources as our guys almost fully re-implemented JEuclid.

Some other features and bugs fixes were made.

3 years ago we based our FOP branch on the Apacehe FOP version 0.20.4rc.
As FOP maintenance branch is not being developed, we'd like to make contributions on the main branch.

Coule you please advise on the steps on how to contribute. I guess there should be some code compliance rules and some agreements with Apache. Also in case our customers will port their applications on new FOP we could participate in FOP contribution more actively and push forward its success.

Thanks in advance,
Siarhei Baidun

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