Right. For example we could provide an additional extension element
under fo:root which would involve extending its contents from:




This way it would be possible to freely mix content.

fox:external-document could have the following attributes:
- content-type ("application/pdf" in case of PDF files)
- src (URL to the PDF to be included)

have no objections. lets have it through fox: extension element.

Any volunteers to start talking to the JEuclid guys? I can serve as
sponsoring member.

Well, think me or somebody from our company could do it. If you'd like to talk yourself - no problem.

Please don't do it this way. Please create an implementation of an
XMLHandler. Do it the same way SVG/Batik-support is implemented.

Did not dig into the detaild of SVG support implementation.
But ok, for the sake of consistency lets do in the same way as SVG done.

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