On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 08:22:28AM -0700, The Web Maestro wrote:
> The thought of having a release from the TRUNK branch is very exciting. 
> I agree that releasing as 0.9rc1 (or 0.9b1, since we may not yet be at 
> release candidate stage or 0.9xx1) makes sense, and tells the world 
> we've moved past the 0.20.5 stage, which our project and community 
> desperately needs almost 2 years after the maintenance branch was 
> frozen.
> Before we actually move to make this release, I'd like to understand 
> the discrepancies between 0.20.5 and the proposed 0.9rc1 release of 
> TRUNK a bit better. I was under the impression that the first TRUNK 
> release would be on parity with 0.20.5. I'm not *certain* that is 
> necessary, although it is certainly preferred. Jeremias mentioned 
> parity between the PDF, Postscript & Java2D renderers, and that's a 
> good goal.

I think that the first production release should be on parity with
0.20.5, unless we can advertise that the gains in new features
outweigh the loss of features. The very first release does not have to
satisfy that criterion, so we can do that soon. I would prefer a
series like 0.90, 0.91, etc., with a b or beta or pr appended to make
it clear that for now it is not yet the production ready successor to
> The FOPProjectTasks Wiki[1] is a good place to start, but a comparison 
> chart similar to the FOP Compliance Page might be better. That way our 
> users can quickly identify how usable the TRUNK release is for them. In 
> fact, it might make sense to just update the FOP Compliance page with 
> this information, changing "support" to "0.20.5 support", and creating 
> an additional "0.9xx1 support" group of columns[3].

Sounds good.

Regards, Simon

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