On 08.08.2005 02:22:55 Manuel Mall wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Aug 2005 02:41 am, Simon Pepping wrote:
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> > IMHO An upgrade of the jars in FOP does not solve
> > the problem of this test file.
> >
> Simon,
> 1. do you actually understand what the problem is because I don't? The 
> test file (test/xml/bugtests/block.fo) is trivial. It works from the 
> fop command line, it works with the SAX test, its only when using the 
> identity transformation to convert it into a DOM source that the error 
> happens.

It's a matter of version-constellation. Lots of little Xalan bugs in
older versions plus the problem that Sun do their own release of Xerces
and Xalan in their JDK (custom modifications). See also my reponse to

> 2. While I agree that fop as such should work with any JAXP compliant 
> parser I don't have a problem if building/verifying fop requires a 
> particular parser / transformer version. However, IMHO it would be 
> desirable that fop builds / verifies out-of-the-box without the need to 
> upgrade components delivered with it. It seems to me that we could 
> achieve that by upgrading xerces/xalan in SVN. I do believe that the 
> current xerces/xalan versions are still compatible with JDK 1.3 which 
> is the oldest JDK version fop attempts to support. If there are 
> arguments against upgrading xerces/xalan than we should do what you 
> have done and disable the tests that fail in SVN so that fop 
> builds/verifies correctly.

I don't think Simon objects to upgrading Xerces and Xalan, merely that
it doesn't fix the problem in his opinion and I think he's right.
Upgrading Xerces and Xalan only helps for JDK 1.3 users, and for users
with JDK >= 1.4 it only helps if they place the three JARs in their
lib/endorsed directory of the JDK/JRE installation or adjust fop.bat to
specify an alternate location for the endorsed directory.

Jeremias Maerki

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