On 14.08.2005 00:38:59 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > Rubbing my hands.... :-)
> Ouch!
> >>.cvsignore files
> Done.
> >>- build.xml
> Done.
> >>- Shouldn't the java examples reuse FO/SVG/XML from the FO examples
> >>   directory rather than provide its own sample sources?
> > 
> > Not necessarily. These are minimal files. Focus is on Java code. The
> > stuff in FO examples are feature demos.
> Umm. The FO examples include very basic stuff too. I'd like to
> reduce redundancy.

Ok then.

> >>[FOP servlet]
> > don't consider it an integral part of the FOP sources. The servlet must
> > be easily found and is ideally easily customized and extended separately
> > from the normal FOP source code, i.e. copy away a directory (with its
> > own build) and start improving the servlet. Just an idea....
> I'd like to put building the servlet into a separate Ant target, which 
> is auto-compiled only if a servlet.jar is in the classpath. We might
> remove our servlet.jar from the source distribution then.

Hmm, I wouldn't remove servlet.jar. After all, it's one of the smallest
JARs we keep around. But did you realize the servlet is already built in
its own Ant target or do I miss your point?

> >>- Should we really test for invalid XML (see /test/errors)?
> > 
> > In one way or another we should test how FOP reacts to invalid input.
> Well I meant "invalid XML" in the sense that the parser wont parse
> it (testfile invalid.xml"). Actually, this should test whether
> exceptions thrown by the parser are correctly propageted by FOP
> (and perhaps whether any clean-up really works).

Doesn't really involve a lot of code then (only the command-line), since
the FOP API now only handles the passive SAX approach where everything
is already parsed. Parsing control is with the caller.

> >>- How should Junit tests for proper handling of invalid input should
> >>   look like?
> > - Checking if the right exceptions are thrown.
> *bg* this  begs the question: What *are* the right exceptions?

Yeah. *rbg* Damn good question, one I keep pushing on before me.

Jeremias Maerki

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