On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 03:18 am, J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Manuel Mall wrote:
> > Actually when I run javadoc I get over 100 warnings.
> I started at 156 :-)
> > You want any help with fixing these?
> The biggest problem are the warnings about not finding Ant and
> Jimi stuff. I read the Ant task description and the original
> JavaDoc description from Sun, and still have no idea how to
> get rid of them. The Ant jar should be in the classpath,
> unless I'm greatly mistaken, as the javadocs task uses
> the same class path reference as the compile task.

Joerg, (sorry my keyboard doesn't have the 'umlaut' as a key)

when I run the ant task under Linux ant runs javadoc as a separate 
process (external program) which means it wouldn't get the same 
classpath environment as <javac> which runs within ant and therefore 
gets access to the ant.jar. Seems like one would need to include 
ant.jar in the classpath definition of the <javadoc> task.

> Another uncreative task: fix the Checkstyle complaints for
> Constants.java :-)

Done that and will e-mail it to you separately.

> J.Pietschmann

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