On Sat, 20 Aug 2005 11:33 pm, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> BTW, I'm very positively surprised and extremely pleased about your
> contributions so far. Is your boss supporting you or have you simply
> become addicted to FOP? :-) Just curious.

Thank you for your kind words. If you mean 'boss' in the domestic sense 
the answer is no - she certainly doesn't like me doing any more work on 
computers than I am doing any way. If you mean 'boss' in the business 
sense then there is a big problem: I am my own boss and any time I 
spent on fop I am not earning money to feed the bunch at home. But 
seriously - I have been lurking on the fop-dev list for many years and 
even provided some minor patches back in the days when 0.20.4 and 
0.20.5 where hot property. This all started when I introduced and used 
fop in a high volume document centric server application for a 
customer. As a result of that success I always wanted to contribute 
back something to an open source project whose 'fruits of labour' I was 
using commercially. However, fop didn't appear to be going anywhere for 
a long time (apart from some at times not so friendly discussions on 
this list). Finally, you wrote on this list that fop 1.0 may be nearing 
a first pre-beta release. That's when I got encouraged to look at it in 
more detail again and then decided to help with the push to get it 'out 
of the door'.

Does that satisfy your curiosity?


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