On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 06:00 pm, Finn Bock wrote:
> [Manuel Mall]
> > The spec says: The percentage is calculated with respect to the
> > corresponding dimension of the closest area ancestor that was
> > generated by a block-level formatting object. If that dimension is
> > not specified explicitly (i.e., it depends on content's
> > block/inline-progression-dimension), the value is interpreted as
> >  "auto".
> >
> > The second sentence of the above statement is currently not
> > implemented resulting in "messed up" output. What is the best way
> > to fix this? Can we do it on the fo tree when the property is
> > constructed, i.e. walk up the tree and see if a corresponding
> > dimension is set explicitly and if not not force the property to
> > "auto"? There are complications like width and height are
> > corresponding properties to i-p-d/b-p-d and writing mode and
> > reference orientation are also relevant. May be this is too much
> > for the fo tree / property construction phase?
> It sounds just like a job for the property system since it already
> deals with the corresponding properties and knows if a property is
> explicitly set.
You feel like having a go at it :-)?

> regards,
> finn


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