Manuel Mall wrote:

> I am with Vincent on this one. Here is the text for "wider" 
> from the spec ("smaller" is defined the same way): 
> The relative keyword "wider" sets the value to the next 
> expanded value above the inherited value (while not 
> increasing it above "ultra-expanded").
> Note how it refers to setting the value of the property. No 
> reference to the font selection process.
> Now contrast that to the definition of "bolder" in the spec: 
> Specifies the next weight that is assigned to a font that is 
> darker than the inherited one. If there is no such weight, it 
> simply results in the next darker numerical value (and the 
> font remains unchanged), unless the inherited value was 
> "900", in which case the resulting weight is also "900".
> Here it talks about weights assigned to fonts, etc.. 
> The two mechanisms sound quite different to me.

The good news here is that this is entirely a client (FOP) matter. If you
change your mind later, we can always add methods to the interface similar
to those used for font-weight.

> > I wish I could be more helpful, but I haven't considered 
> all aspects 
> > of the problem yet and I don't catch the whole point. I'd like to 
> > first finish the font integration work.
> > IMHO this feature is for now not that important. What do other 
> > committers think?
> >
> I am not a committer but I do agree with your sentiments. 
> Probably the most important "side-effect" of the FOray font 
> integration with respect to the font selection process would 
> be support for font family lists in font specifications. This 
> is currently not supported and is in my opinion a compliance 
> "must" case before release (not for the 1.0 pre beta but after that).

I agree that this does not all need to be solved today. I just wanted to
generally acknowledge that the interface is not complete, that there are
issues still to be addressed. And a case could be made that font-family
lists are not properly supported unless the supported character set is
considered. I'll work on making and implementing the interface changes
discussed, and you guys can use them whenever you are ready.

Victor Mote

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