On 29.08.2005 01:51:21 Stephen Denne wrote:
> Luca Furini wrote:
> > The method PageNumberCitationLM.get() allocates the width of 
> > the string 
> > "MMM" if the id is not already known;
> Could a FOP extension element be added to indicate how many pages the
> document is likely to be, and allocate the initial width based on that?

A little hacky IMO. Image a document that is estimated to be between 9
and 11 pages. You still don't know how many pages there will effectively
be. In that case this extension will not help at all. It's better we try
to take the right steps to solve this.

> Such an extension would also be useful in two-pass rendering, as the element
> could be assigned the value of a parameter that defaults to an initial guess
> or rough calculation, and in the second pass is overwritten with a more
> accurate value.

Same problem as above. It doesn't really solve the problem.

> Incidentally, are there any workarounds for right aligning "Page X of Y" in
> a block in a cell in a row in a table so that it is correctly right aligned
> with other table rows, even when there are not between 100 and 999 pages in
> the output?

Work-arounds for 0.20.5? The new FOP should eventually not require
work-arounds at all.

Jeremias Maerki

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