Victor Mote wrote:

Chris Bowditch wrote:

This is an excellent goal. Sometimes it is all too easy to aim for 100% perfection and then FOP gets stuck - just like it has been for 2 years prior to 2005. Compromise is the key to getting 1.0 out of the door.

This is grossly foul. I don't remember anyone striving for 100% perfection
when FOP was stuck. FOP got stuck in large part because 1) it first forked
itself (no pun intended), and 2) the perceived leader of the project, who
was to make that strategy work, suddenly dropped completely off of the edge
of the world.

The *ability* to compromise and to allow for multiple solutions to the same
problem was one of the driving forces behind the modularization effort.

Arggh. I have no problem with you guys sailing your ship however you see
fit. But I reserve the right to set the record straight when my own efforts
are misrepresented.

Sorry - that was not intended. I never had any opposition to what you tried to do, but I did feel some people objected to ideas because they didn't yield 100% compliance. Regardless, my main point in this thread was simply that compromise is the key to getting to a release. Which is one of your points above, right?


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