Victor Mote a écrit :
Actually there is not a level named "debug", although I might have defined
that constant equal to "finest" in one of the earlier versions.
This does not appear in CVS. I would suggest you to redefine such a constant to remove any ambiguity, as as you can see it confused me.

Here is the
way I mapped the Avalon levels in the AvalonLogger implementation:

FINEST      debug
FINER       info
FINE        info
CONFIG      info
INFO        info
WARNING     warn
SEVERE      error
Why not. Is I know now that debug corresponds to finest I'll follow the same scheme for commons Log.

I don't really feel strongly about it either, but perhaps a bit more
strongly than you for the following reasons:
1. From a sheer "standard" aspect, I wanted to stay as close to the Java
logging system as possible. I would have used the java.util.logging.Level
instances (for type safety) instead of numeric constants, except for trying
to retain Java 1.3 compatibility.
2. I prefer to allow for more granularity rather than less (within reason),
even if we don't think we need it right now.
3. This is one of those things that you can change on Tuesday to make one
party happy, then change back again on Wednesday to make another party
happy, all for very little benefit. In short, there is no way to make
everyone happy.
I understand your concerns and agree with them.

Also, I don't know if you noticed the following methods:
    info(String message)
    warn(String message)
    error(String message)
    debug(String message)
which correspond directly to the Avalon methods of the same name, and are
intended to provide a sort of mapping for them.
Certainly, but I also have to map the logMessage method...

I don't mind adding one more
called trace(String message) if that would make the mapping concept more
clear for you.
Well, no need I think; as trace is below debug and debug is mapped to finest, there is no corresponding log level for trace.

I'm satisfied with your explanations. Please just add a LEVEL_DEBUG constant and I'm OK with your interface.


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