As I said, widely differing views between Batik and FOP about this. In
my own personal opinion, I'm with you. From the POV of XML Graphics
Commons we have a problem. We've voted on the plan for Commons where we
said that we'd try to remove the dependency on Commons Logging. If there
is a problem with that, the right place to raise this is

On 05.09.2005 21:15:50 Simon Pepping wrote:
> I am not sure that I understand everything that is being said
> here. But I am alarmed when I hear that basic libraries, in this case
> the FontServer, shouldn't log anymore. In my experience a font system
> requires powerful logging, in order to expose runtime behaviour to the
> systems manager or end user. Configuring font systems and
> understanding why a piece of font software does not use it as you
> expect, is a hard task that requires suitable runtime information from
> the software.

Jeremias Maerki

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