Jeremias Maerki wrote:
I'm ever growing more cofident that
developer-oriented logging should be done through a static logging
facility (like Commons Logging) and that end-user-oriented logging needs
to operate per processing run (like Avalon Logger) but not necessarily
through a standard logging abstraction interface, but rather an
application-specific one that provides exactly what the application
needs to send feedback to the end-users.

That's a major part of the points at the end of[EMAIL 

The idea is that FOP sends certain events (or messages) to the User
Agent interface and let the app specific user agent implementation sort
out whether it wants to log it, throw an exception, show a message box,
The static debug/trace mechanism is a welcomed refinement, I'd
thought of exposing the logger from the user agent to the rest
of the code for this purpose. It is quite possible that the event
signalling methods proposed in the post above need to be split
up further.

/me ducks.

Hehe. I've also thought again that designing certain interfaces
(and piling them on each other) must be really really fun.


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