FOP devs:

I think it is prudent for me to take this temporary lull to extricate myself
a bit more by unsubscribing from the fop-dev mailing list. I have tried to
do this several times before, with little success, as you can see. I have no
projects underway and no feuds to tend to ATM, so it is a rare (unique
really) opportunity.

I hope no one will misinterpret the timing or motivation. I am not mad at
anyone. On the contrary I feel at peace with everyone still active. I do
think my time and yours will be better spent without me being involved here.
There are legitimate things that need to be discussed between our two
projects, but those are really FOray issues, not FOP issues, so it will
clean things up a bit to get those conversations moved to a more appropriate
forum. Vincent is already active on the foray-developer mailing list, and
all other interested parties are welcome as well. Links to the various FOray
mailing lists can be found on these pages:

If replies are made to recent posts that require a response from me, please
just cc: me in them. I'll resubscribe temporarily if I need to.

I congratulate all of you on your upcoming release, and wish you all the

Victor Mote

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