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Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2005 3:29 PM
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Subject: Re: txt-rendering

> Hi Sergey, 
> unfortunately, you didn't notice the TXTRenderer that was in 0.20.5 [1]. 
> The text renderer seems to work fine for many people who work with FOP 
> 0.20.5. IMO it should be simple to port that renderer to FOP Trunk. The 
> TXTRenderer currently found in FOP Trunk is only an empty shell which 
> needs to be filled. I'd investigate that before doing any serious coding 
> on a completely new TextRenderer. Please have a look at TXTRenderer and 
> get back to us so we can sort out any details. The old TXTRenderer is 
> capable of creating good output without any special handling in the area 
> tree. You will also find discussion snippets around the TXTRenderer in 
> the mailing list archives which should give you an idea about its design. 
> BTW, I'm glad that you're going to reintroduce the TextRenderer.

Oh, it was indiscreet for my part to offer something without previous code
So, now I'll yield to your advice.

Sergey Simonchik.

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