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A question for Finn, I presume...

Author: adelmelle
Date: Wed Sep 21 09:25:57 2005
New Revision: 290736

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs?rev=290736&view=rev
Added fallback for specified negative or zero for column-number

As you see, only now --*after* writing an implementation for the initial values of column-numbers-- do I seem to understand the wonders of our Property system.

IYO, would it be cleaner to move the logic that is currently contained in Table.addCellNode(), TableBody.addCellNode(), TableRow.addChildNode() to the Maker's get() method?

I mean: let the PropertyMaker take care of:
- updating the Table/TableBody/TableRow columnIndex
- throwing an Exception if the column-number is already in use (overlap)

I'm beginning to think that my implementation, although it works like a charm in well above 90% of the cases, has put the right code in the wrong places...



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