Another question related to page-height and page-width properties on simple-page-master:

The Rec states that, in case the value is specified as "auto":
"The 'page-height/-width' shall be determined, in the case of continuous media, from the size of the User Agent window, otherwise from the size of the media. If media information is not available this dimension shall be implementation-defined."

upon which it suggests to use fallbacks of 11in x 8.26in.

Now, I was thinking, since currently the fallback values are used as defaults --which, strictly speaking, is wrong-- maybe the first step towards implementing "auto" could be to define these fallbacks in fop.xconf (?) We'd properly set the default to EN_AUTO in FOPropertyMapping, and in case the FOUserAgent doesn't provide any values for them, the fallbacks in FOP's default configuration could be used, and a user could override these in his own userconfig.xml

This would also be "implementation-defined", but avoids hard-coding the fallback values.

I'll gladly take a look at it, if enough people consider this to be sensible...




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