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let me start with thanking you for taking the time to look into this and
respond so quickly. This is much appreciated. This post arrived here
after midnight by which time I was sound asleep. I only got to look at
it this morning.

Well, I always like these kinds of questions that make me dive into parts of the Rec I haven't read before --we like to learn :-)

The baseline-table seems to only be recalculated on
a baseline-shift but not otherwise.

... but the baseline-shift value for the first inline is non-zero
(value "baseline" is not equal to value "0"), so the Rec says in

I think that is the core point. IMO the baseline-shift for the first
inline is 0. Yes, there is a change of alignment-baseline but NO shift
of any baseline. As you pointed out before vertical-align="top" is
equivalent to:
And 7.13.3. says for baseline-shift="baseline": There is no
baseline-shift; the dominant baseline remains in its original position.

Exactly the source of the confusion. If it had been:


That would have been something different. As I understand, the "baseline" value for baseline-shift is precisely meant to distinguish between the 'no-shift' cases where the baseline-table component does or does not need to be re-computed... ("baseline" != "0") First, the baseline-table component is re-computed, and then 'the dominant-baseline remains in its original position' (= after the re-computation)

So neither changing the font-size nor changing the vertical-align to
"top" or "bottom" involves a baseline-shift and therefore the original
baseline-table stays in place.

I hate to be a such pest, but I disagree :-P

BTW: Where's all the others? Ah well, it's weekend after all... :-)



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