On Sep 25, 2005, at 13:27, Manuel Mall wrote:

This is where we disagree and I think I have the spec "on my side" as it
says in 7.13.3 that a value of "0" is equivalent to
"baseline" ("baseline" == "0"). This is mentioned under both
<percentage> and <length>. Therefore IMO the spec does not make a
semantic distinction between a value of "baseline" and a value of "0".
Actually I would argue that the computed value of the specified value
"baseline" is "0".

Aarrrghh... *smacks head*
Now I get you! My mistake. It seems indeed that I didn't look at all the possible values. I was too focused on that "baseline" value.

In that case: you are *absolutely* right (as is AntennaHouse).



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