On Sep 26, 2005, at 16:03, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

It's an interesting idea. However, I suspect this will probably not be
necessary. We should be able to make the breaker clever enough to handle this particular case. ATM, I don't have free brain capacity to dive into
this (even though this is an important and long-awaited feature) but it
may make sense to gather ideas and notes from the mailing list archives
and put these on a Wiki page. I remember that several approaches have
been discussed in the past even though they haven't had anything to do
with our current breaking approach.

OK, I was just probing... Since that 'spark' --referring to your recent response to my completely misguided idea on tables ;-)-- lit my fire, I'm beginning to see all sorts of possibilities. Some things are falling into place now --been re-reading the Wiki docs, and browsing through the Knuth-related code, and this all makes very much more sense now. (Haven't read Knuth's book/paper myself yet, so that was still a bit of a mystery to me)

When I find some time, I'll see what ideas I can dig up from the archives, and how they may possibly relate (or be translated) to our current layout code.



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