On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 04:50:15PM +0100, Peter B. West wrote:
> Fopsters,
> I've always been somewhat sceptical of the new approach to page 
> breaking, although I was prepared to concede that it would be a great 
> achievement if you pulled it off.
> However, the closer the development has come to fruition, the more some 
> of my original concerns have been reinforced.  Think about the enormous 
> amount of intellectual effort that has gone into mapping the problem 
> into Knuthian.  That effort is still under way.
> How is this going to be maintained?  Where are the Knuthian speakers who 
> are going to do that job over the next few years?

Maintaining FOP means maintaining a digital typesetting system means
maintaining some of the best digital typography algorithms.

I plan to resume my documenting activities in the coming months. I
look forward to the challenge to document Knuth's algorithms and FOP's
implementation of them in a clear and widely understandable fashion.

> I'm surprised, in fact, that some of the old hands have not raised this 
> question already.
> Peter
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