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That code was alt-design properties code. It seems to me that many of the ideas and implementation details of alt-design are now sitting in the FOP code base. This is true whether Finn ever looked at the alt-design properties code. It ain't over yet.[1]

I did, before I became a committer. Back then I evaluated the different branches (0.20, alt and head) and made a decision on which one to work on.

The alt-design property code was, back then, in my eyes, code written by a person who did not intuitively create object oriented design.

Guilty as charged.  My apologies.  I'm kind-of old fashioned.  I was
looking to understand the problem, and solve it, especially the hard
parts.  For instance, parsing "font".  That problem was addressed in
2002 in alt-design.  When did that make it into FOP?  I can't say it was
solved, because there may well have been bugs in it at that stage.  But
the code was there, as it was for a number of other hair-raising
properties.  I don't know the current situation in detail, but for some
long time, alt-design had overall better coverage of properties than the
new code.  More importantly, it had been thought through.  There were
gaps, but all of the nasty stuff was covered, and there were no
surprises, except for the issue of percentages, which is what sent me in
another direction.  There were no kludges, waiting for me to confess
down the track.  Like I said, I'm old-fashioned.  When I say something
is done, I mean that it is done.  If there are areas that need fixing,
I'll say so, up front.

It was, IMO, not a good fundation for further work.

Fair enough, apart from the deferred functionality, but irrelevant.
We're talking here about ideas and implementation details.

I have then later looked at different times, one where I made a incorrect description of how alt-design stored references from fo-object to properties, an other when I wanted to understand why you though alt-designs Property/PropertyValue was any different from head's PropertyMaker/Property.

A discussion I am always willing to have, if only to learn more about
your approach. I *do* like pretty code. I asked you about it, because I had plans to adopt it. But I was not persuaded that you had the thorny problems solved, so I held off. When it's completed, I'll look again.

Does any record of any of this remain on the web site? No.


Not an accusation I'm making, Finn.

Not a single line from alt-design has ever been committed to head by me!

Not an accusation I'm making.  "...whether Finn ever looked..."  But
thanks for the response.

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