Great work!!!! That's a lot of new functionality. And lots of new test
cases! You're a prime role model. :-)

I've got a comment and a question:
- I assume the change in StaticPropertyList was a mistake:
- Any particular reason why chose 1mpt and not 0mpt for BPD on space and
none leader in LeaderLayoutManager?

On 07.10.2005 11:00:56 Manuel Mall wrote:
> I just committed a fairly sizeable patch related to all the work on 
> inline objects done over the last weeks.
> While I hope it hasn't broken anything, given its size and my 
> inexperience with the overall FOP software base, it is actually likely 
> that there are some unexpected regressions.
> Please don't hesitate to 'scream' if you see or notice something you 
> feel is wrong or inappropriate or could be coded better or ...
> Manuel

Jeremias Maerki

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