On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 08:38 pm, Luca Furini wrote:
> Manuel Mall wrote:
> > If you comment everything out and uncomment the last block you get
> > a ClassCastException on a Knuth element.
> This happens during LineLM.removeElementsForTrailingSpaces(): as you
> wrote some time ago, at the moment when the LineLM meets a glue
> element at the end of a sequence it could wrongly deduce it
> represents a trailing space, while it represents borders / paddings.
> I'm going to look at the possible "patterns" that the elements for
> border and padding can have, and fix the method.

thanks for looking at this so quickly. 

Is that actually conceptually the right thing to do, that is removing 
the trailing spaces before the end of a block as part of the Knuth 

For leading spaces it is done somewhere completely different (and 
currently in the same piece of code it is done incorrectly for embedded 
spaces).  I have a picture in mind with all white space handling done 
as part of the layout (area tree building) but before the actual Knuth 
sequences are constructed. But that's only a rough idea driven by the 
description of white space handling in the 1.1WD.

> Regards
>      Luca


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