On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 02:38:47PM +0200, Luca Furini wrote:
> Manuel Mall wrote:
> >"inline_border_padding_block_nested.xml". If you run the test case as is 
> >you get a "Expect inline sequence as first sequence when last paragraph 
> >is not null" message.
> The first message refers to the first block in the testcase: I think this 
> has something to do with the correct "mixing" of block and inline 
> sequences, as the content of the inner block is placed in the first line, 
> while it should be in the second.
> The output should be:
>   Before inline
>   starting with a block
>   after block After inline
> but we get
>   starting wit a block
>   Before inine after block After inline
> Note that the text before and after the inline (containing the nested 
> block) appear in the same line, and this means their elements ended up in 
> the same sequence, while they should be in two different sequences.

LineLM expects that the inline sequence 'Before inline' is closed
before the block sequence 'starting with a block' appears. This is not
the case. I think it is because I only programmed for the case that
the same LM ends the inline sequence and starts the block sequence. I
forgot about the possibility we see here, that the LM of the first
inline sequence does not know that its sequence is ended because
the following block sequence is started by a different LM, so that
neither LM closes the inline sequence. I only gave a log message
because I believed that this should not happen. This is not true, and
the case can probably be solved by closing the inline sequence instead
of complaining about it.

Regards, Simon

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