Only a couple of things to add to what Clay already handled.

On 15.10.2005 02:02:39 Mark Gaywood wrote:
> Jeremias,
> I'm set and ready to, just to be clear and I do apologise for not
> being on the ball straight away with what must appear to be a trivial
> task to most of you ,but I hope to up to your speeds and skill very
> soon.
> 1. convert the text file into an xml document with previously suggest markup


> 2. modify decorateWithDisabledList to load the XML document


> 3. filter the output of decorateWithDisabledList based a lookup passed
> in? Would it be too much to ask for you give me an example of an input
> and output for this method?

The mechanism in use here is the filefilter package from Jakarta Commons
IO. You find the documentation here:

This method doesn't filter the files directly but decorates (See Design
Patterns, "Gang of Four") an existing file filter so that the files
listed in the file you're about to convert to XML won't get returned by
the FileUtils.listFiles() methods (also a Commons IO thing). Basically,
you're building a rule tree here. An example:

Assume a simple filter:

IOFileFilter myFilter = new PrefixFileFilter("my");

Passed into FileUtils.listFiles() this filter will return all files that
start with "my", i.e. for example "myStuff.txt".

What you do in decorateWithDisabledList is something like that:

myFilter = new AndFilter(myFilter, new SuffixFileFilter(".xml"));

This will create a modified filter which restricts the existing file
filter by adding the rule that all returned files must be XML files, so
"myStuff.txt" wouldn't be returned anymore, but "myCalendar.xml" will
still be returned.

Basically, you don't modify the filefilter rule at all, just the way the
NameFileFilter in decorateWithDisabledList is constructed.

Run the whole thing through the debugger once and you'll understand how
this works.

> 4. create some website with XSLT, Cocoon and Forrest (Nice)

Yes, if you want to do it.

> Will I need a password for login for submitting to SVN or would you
> prefer another method of code submission?

Just download the code using SVN and create patches as described in:

and submit them using Bugzilla as Clay already told you.

Jeremias Maerki

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