On 18.11.2005 21:39:03 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Hi,
> a few thoughts about the layout engine test harness:
> - It won't run if CWD!=project.home, i.e. "ant -find build.xml" from a
> subdirectory fails the tests with a "file not found" exception.
> Neither the disabled testcase file nor any of the style sheets are
> found. This can be quite annoying with some IDEs.

Yes, that's bad.

> - The disabled testcase thingy should be factored out of the layout
> engine test suite class. Probably the whole file list generation.

Feel free. :-)

> - There is no easy notification if a disabled test case really is a
> testcase, i.e. if the filename is misspelled. This becomes important
> if the disabled testcase list is published on the web site.

Well, we don't have to add safety checks for every little detail, do we?
In most cases you'll find out right away if you've misspelled the
filename, when you run the test suite.

> - Should the disabled-testcases file get a licence header?

Now that it's an XML file and contains more than just a bunch of
filenames, yes, I think so.

> - The external-graphics_src_url testcase wont work properly behind
> a proxy which requires authorization.

Suggestions? Should we just remove it?

> - If nobody objects, I'll remove the text files and related cruft from
> the Java source and the build.xml soon.

Feel free.

> BTW. Ant 1.6.1 complains: build.xml:808: The <fail> type doesn't
> support the nested "condition" element.
> Do we really need a bleeding edge ant? (although the Ant people could
> be a bit less aggressive with adding features in minor releases too).

I love bleeding edge. :-) Seriously, I like the new features very much.

I'll sign off now. Had a busy day with a half-day FOP workshop and a
business lunch telling a bunch of people all the exciting news about FOP.
I'll be away tomorrow, so if there are anymore issues, please just fix
them and Christian can do the release as soon as it's ready and he has
time. Thanks guys!

Jeremias Maerki

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