This is mainly a question for Vincent.

Just came across a scenario (AFP Renderer) where I need to support non 
scalable fonts. The current FOP trunk font system is not very good at 
this as it does font selection purely based on (name, style, weight).

Does FOray font support non scalable fonts (raster / bitmap fonts)?

Is font size a possible font selection criteria in FOray?

Does FOray support adding new types of fonts, i.e. is its font support 

How is the FOray font integration coming along? The reason behind this 
question is simply - do I waste my time in modifying the current FOP 
font system to somehow support non scalable fonts because FOray font is 
imminent and I better wait for it or is it a fair way (months) down the 
track and I have to find a workable intermediate solution for the 
problem at hand?



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