On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 09:10:06PM +0800, Manuel Mall wrote:
> Luca,
> Glyphs are only allowed to be merged if they carry the same / matching 
> set of property values. Personally I would not be concerned if we 
> therefore limit that logic to within a LM. While it is possible that 
> someone could write something like
> <fo:block><fo:inline>a</fo:inline><fo:inline>&#x0308;</fo:inline>
> and the a and &#x0308; could be combined into an &x00e4; IMO this is a 
> pretty degenerated case.

One cannot write this. The Reader would probably combine >&#x0308;,
after which a not-well-formed XML file would result. The text is not
fully normalized, see


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