Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Funny coincidence. I just issued another request for feedback on
fop-users. Thanks for yours!

It's understandable that auto table layout is a big desire. Not only for
those who want to create reports from database queries but also for
those who want to convert (X)HTML to PDF. I personally believe that it
will not be a huge task to get some basic auto table layout
functionality with the new codebase. Still, I must admit that this topic
is not on the top of my list, currently. I still hope somebody else
might jump in.

Concerning the tab stops: Unfortunately, this concept does not exist in
XSL-FO and therefore not in FOP.

Actually I didn't really mean "tab stop", sorry. I meant decimal alignment, which I had thought XSL FO had.

Perhaps I was thinking of XHTML, whose <td> element has align="char" (though I'm not sure if any browsers obey it...) and was assuming FOP should have something at least that clear and useful.

Jess Holle

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