For the 0.90alpha1 release I've deprecated the Fop class' constructors
with the integer parameter for renderer selection. Is it ok if I remove
them before the "beta" release? Or does anybody still prefer the
integers over the MIME type approach?

I'm reasonably happy with the API now and don't see a big need to change
anything right now.

The only thing I still have on my TODO list is the split of some kind of
"environment or factory class" (holding references to font configuration,
caches, registered extensions etc.) from the FOUserAgent. This would
speed up initialization for systems that do multiple rendering runs in
one JVM session. An example: The FOTreeBuilder currently reregisters all
extensions each time at the beginning of a rendering run.

This thing could be implemented as an optional parameter to the
FOUserAgent or as a Factory for Fop instances (the latter approach more
closely following the JAXP pattern). Or a mixture of both. I'm not sure
exactly how to do this, yet. Still thinking... And I have yet to go over
out previous notes on the API again. Anyway, the API has to be
stabilized now. Too many incompatible changes will make people angry.

Jeremias Maerki

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