On Dec 16, 2005, at 08:13, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

For the 0.90alpha1 release I've deprecated the Fop class' constructors
with the integer parameter for renderer selection. Is it ok if I remove
them before the "beta" release? Or does anybody still prefer the
integers over the MIME type approach?

No objection to removing the integer constructors here.

I'm reasonably happy with the API now and don't see a big need to change
anything right now.

The only thing I still have on my TODO list is the split of some kind of "environment or factory class" (holding references to font configuration,
caches, registered extensions etc.) from the FOUserAgent.

Agreed, with some reservations. See recent post on fop-users: there seem to be users --well, at least one-- who require the use of multiple configurations. As long as the user-config doesn't become 'static' for all runs within the same session: +1.



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