On Jan 4, 2006, at 20:22, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

On Jan 4, 2006, at 14:55, gerhard oettl wrote:

as far as i can see this cannot be assurred for table-cell with
the current code at the point this function is called.

Hmmm... The columns will always be available, with properly initialized column-numbers, by the time you get to processing the cells. A call to PropertyList.get(PR_COLUMN_NUMBER) for the table-cell should take care of resolving the column-number for that cell, if it wasn't already initialized. The controlling object for dealing with implicit column-numbers is always the Table (for TableColumns) or the TableBody/TableRow (for TableCells). I'm not sure what you mean here, but this doesn't strike me as a problem. Could be that I'm missing something here, though...

To expand, a little remark: try '((TableCell) pInfo.getFO ()).getColumnNumber()'

Now I'm thinking that perhaps the column-number property does need to be bound first in TableCell.bind() for this to work properly...



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