On Jan 5, 2006, at 10:02, Chris Bowditch wrote:

Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

I see a remote possibility to exclude the markers whose class- name corresponds to at least one retrieve-marker that has an ancestor with non-default white-space-treatment/-collapse. If no such retrieve- marker exists, the white-space can be collapsed during refinement. All possible retrieve-markers in a page- sequence will, in any case, always be available at the point where a given marker is processed (and through them, also their ancestor-block's white-space related props). I'll see what I can do about this ASAP, although I'm not sure whether this will gain us much. The FOs are readily available, but they need to be reached all the same.

Now I'm not sure I follow your thinking here. How will you find retrieve-markers from a marker FO when retrieve- boundary="document" ???

'remote', I said, and too remote it seems. Thanks for pointing this out! If not, I'd probably have spent a few hours before bumping into this particular restriction...



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